Pros and Cons of Wearing Shorts

Monday’s article turned out not quite unexpectedly be a contaminated substance. The fact that many designers, avant-garde as well as stofila retainers, including shorts in their collections should be talking to the garment’s advantage. At the same time, we are constantly flooded by arguments from recognized stildignitet as without the slightest doubt dismisses the garment’s existence. Who is really right?

The nuanced truth is that shorts are okay, but in the right execution and, above all, in the right context. The big question is rather whether the shorts are okay in an urban environment. Even if we disregard the obvious times when shorts are not suitable as wedding and funeral, this is a complex issue. A dress code should always be selected with regard to the environment, but who is considered the environment in public space are not easy to answer.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the shorts should be avoided in indoor environments, says bestaah, a website offering maternity shorts. To get to a restaurant wearing shorts indicates lack of respect. At outdoor cafes feels far more appropriate, shorts but even then it can be extremely inconvenient. To say that this is not the restaurant’s status would be pure hypocrisy. This makes it usually sets the Finer restaurants. higher requirements on the upholstery. If this is it possible to feel anything, but to wear shorts just to arouse debate is no further basis.

It is also very much about the way the shorts are worn. The worst of all the shorts are the with something for a good economy in relation to the conduct whose shorts are an expression of the wearer’s belief that money justifies anything. Often followed this character of a huge civic boosterism needs as expressed by Barking out the restaurant staff for small details. While no garment can conceal such behavior, it is central to wear their shorts with respect for others. The shorts should never be a punch in the mouth for those that actually do not think that the garment is suitable in the circumstances.

Shorts are truly at the crossroads. On the other hand, I would just dismiss shorts in exactly the same way as the short-sleeved shirt, but at the same time, there is a significant difference. For when the short-sleeved shirt is only a cowardly and totally useless version of the long-sleeved companies, is a pair of shorts a pair of trousers in relation to anything but cowardly. Although I myself would never wear shorts in the urban environment, I have no problem with others as long as it is done tastefully and not strive to seek attention.