Project Tango for Sale

We had already informed of the presence of Project Tango on Play Store USA, where the Google tablet that can map the environment surrounding him was entered without being available for sale. It seems instead that you can buy it, but only by a few developers who have received a mail from Google.

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The price is salty as expected: 1,024 $ plus tax and shipping. The good news though is that there is also talk of internationally available, labelled “soon,” though, considering the confidence with which is sold in the US, not we imagine anything different elsewhere.

Below is an image depicting the wide email sent to these few lucky developers, who can get their hands on Project Tango. Note also that it is expressly provided that quantities are limited and that does not offer any warranty or refund; on the other hand the team working on the tablet is looking for new engineers and developers dedicated to the project, a sign that its growth is far from over.