Project Tango Applications

It’s called Space Sketchr and is an app for Project Tango free on the Play Store: this is one of the first concrete examples of what can be done with the tablet di Google can map their surroundings, which until now had been approached cinema, gaming, also to a kind of travel guide, but never to your drawing.

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Space Sketchr is in fact like any app like this: choose a brush, a color, and touch the screen of the tablet to draw; the difference is that in this case your forms will come alive as you move into the space around you. Tango is able to understand “where” you are drawing, recording your movements and turning them into a 3D drawing, which you can later explore and revived with the tablet itself.

The video below will make maybe clearer, but the point is not to judge the quality or not of Space, because the potential of Sketchr Project Tango, which now is really in the hands of third-party developers such as those of Left Field Labs, who in fact created the app in question. And if this is almost just a proof-of-concept consider what will be able to do Project Tango in the future. Ideas to suggest?