Pregnancy – Third Trimester

In the third and final trimester of pregnancy, the body of the baby is almost mature. And large, it only grows and gains weight.

Now begins an arduous time for the mother because her belly is getting bigger and their freedom of movement is severely restricted.

The Sprint begins

The birth date is fast approaching. After a phase of a comparatively relaxed second stage of pregnancy, you must upgrade now for back pain, swollen feet and Bill contractions. Many women yearn just to the end of pregnancy, then finally again alone in her body. Also, most of it are happy to keep this small miracle in the arms, which they have so long been under the heart.

But the last third of pregnancy may be. The baby must grow and put on weight. Also the least on the date calculated by the doctor keep. Less than five percent of babies are born exactly on the expected date of birth. The majority of children occurs in the period of ten days to ten days after this date on the world.

Now everything is a bit cumbersome for the expectant mother. The thick belly restricts their mobility and requires a modest pace of life. Some women develop but also a pronounced ‘nesting’ – they redecorate the nursery, clean up and clean like crazy. Keep in mind: shortness of breath, back pain, breast tenderness, and more frequent contractions of the uterus indicate that your body needs more rest.

Therefore, weigh what to do really badly and what move might be or what you can give to others. Very pregnant should engage without bad conscience on the pace, which give them the belly and her shortness of breath. It is now important to rest and relax whenever it is necessary and possible.

Development of the baby

The unborn child is now fully trained and the body proportions are already. However, it is still small and especially lean. At the beginning of the last trimester of pregnancy, the fetus is about 30 cm tall and weighs approx. 1500 g. To the birth he will still one and a half kilos and will grow 15 to 20 cm. Up to the 36 week the baby more and more stores fat in the subcutaneous fat tissue. The subsequent thermal regulation is not possible without this weight gain. When the baby with the 37 week comes to the world, is it not a Preemie and accordingly no breathing help needed. But every day more protected, inside the mother is good for the baby.

Movements are in this third more often. Just at night, turning, bright kicking or even a hiccup of a child can lead to insomnia of the mother. Because now the baby occupies the entire uterine cavity. During the investigations, the obstetricians and Gynecologists now more on will be whether the placenta can still do its job and whether enough amniotic fluid available is the baby. In the 40th week, the baby measures about 51 cm and weighs about 3,400 g. Through the increasingly space the unborn child rolls a itself often in the typical embryonic position. In the last four weeks of pregnancy, the head of the child in the pelvis of the mother descends. The baby is already so to speak at the end and waiting for the big moment.

Development of mother

Gradually, it is difficult to find a relaxed position for sleeping, because also in bed is the belly in the way. Lie down on the page and take a knee. Maybe it’s good you, placing a pillow rolled-up, a quiet role or special pillow under the angled leg.

But the belly is not only sleep in the way. He restricts important organs of the mother, and leads to the typical pregnancy symptoms such as heartburn, constipation, shortness of breath and increased urination, who know some women even from an earlier stage of pregnancy. Another problem at this time is the pregnancy hormone progesterone triggered by: back pain. Progesterone relaxes the ligaments and muscles for the birth, but also the spine will be charged more. The average weight gain for the expectant mother during the pregnancy is approximately 10 to 15 kg. The weight is stagnating in many pregnant women just before birth, may decrease slightly. Now only the belly or the baby is growing.

The body which starts woman ever to practice for the birth: occur (mostly) painless contractions of licence. These contractions are frightening just to postpone. But the contraction of the uterus and the hardening of the abdomen is an important step for a good course of the birth – it keeps the muscles elastic and active. But go anyway to see the doctor or contact your midwife if the contractions occur more frequently than three times every hour or ten times a day and not subside during rest periods or in the warm water!

Many women suffer from insomnia. The reasons are manifold: baby’s movements, constant urination, heartburn but also worried about the baby, the birth and the exciting time thereafter. If you are concerned and therefore not sleep, you talk about your worries with your partner or your midwife. The Exchange about takes you might print or even the fear of everything right to make the birth not good to survive or what caused you pain.

Keep in mind that nature has almost perfectly prepares you for the birth of your baby and you been the last 40 weeks “have made for your child”. The birth is only a small hurdle, you may keep your baby in the arms. All the best and many delightful hours as fresh-baked MOM!

The development of the baby in the 3rd trimester

Please click on the pictures to see how the baby over the course of three months
the third trimester is developed.