Pregnancy Test

There are several signs that can indicate a pregnancy. But a pregnancy test as you can get it for example in drugstores gives you a certainty. This common rapid tests tell you within a few minutes, whether you’re expecting a baby.

How does a pregnancy test?

While there are a wide range of pregnancy tests (called also swab test or swift test). But they all follow the same trick work: you respond to a particular hormone in the urine, the HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin). Her body makes this hormone only when you are pregnant. Among other things, it stops the process, which usually leads that the lining of the uterus is pushed off after some time and inserts the menstrual. Once the fertilized egg in the uterus has ensconced, HCG production begins. About a week after the HCG in the blood is detectable. Approximately 14 days after the implantation of the egg the hormone HCG in the urine is measurable.

When does a pregnancy test make sense?

A pregnancy test is at the earliest reasonable at the time, when your menstrual period would normally use. The fertile period is 14 days before the bleeding so roughly in the middle of the cycle, and thus. If this fails and you are indeed pregnant the HCG hormone in your urine should be already high enough so that a pregnancy test reacts.

Tip: Understandably you want as soon as possible certainty. The HCG level rises but only gradually, and if you the pregnancy
test too early, you may receive an incorrect result. Better wait for your menstrual period would otherwise be used. For very impatient, there are so called early tests that already four days can be made prior to the date of the next period. They are not as reliable as the normal pregnancy tests, whose Zuverlässigkeit is at least 95%!

How do I do the pregnancy test?

It’s very simple: you hold the test stick or the test strip into the urine stream. The test result is based on an antibody response. Because the test strip HCG antibodies that react on existing urine HCG antigens, or bind them. Color additives visualize this process. Is in the corresponding box or window after a few minutes to read, if the pregnancy test is positive or negative. Some tests have a digital display, which then displays “pregnant” or “not pregnant” (and possibly even indicates how long the conception is back).

Tip: Even if a pregnancy test is very easy to handle, read better before the instructions, so that you can be behind sure to have done everything right. In the morning the concentration of HCG in the urine is not usually highest, because at night Yes or rarely go to the toilet and accumulates the urine. So, you do the test now as first after getting up. If you make it but during the day, you should drink before better little or nothing, not to reduce the concentration of HCG in the urine.

The pregnancy test “not pregnant” shows the result, even though you’re pretty sure to be pregnant, then repeat the test a few days later. Maybe you were just too early. Or in your doctor’s Office, ask whether it is appropriate to have a blood test.

The blood test is working very early

In the blood, HCG can previously prove: approximately a week to nine days after the implantation of the fertilized egg. A blood test is possible only with the doctor, you get the results about 24 hours later.

When does a pregnancy ultrasound detectable?

At the earliest from the fifth week of pregnancy is the tiny embryo in the normal ultrasound scan to detect at all. So about two weeks after cessation of menstruation (doctors and midwives are the weeks of pregnancy from the first day of your last menstrual period! In the first screening you can be in the fifth, sixth or even higher week.) The first ultrasound is usually used to complement the mathematical information on the progress of the pregnancy.

By the way: the result of the pregnancy test was positive, it is time to think on the screening of pregnant women.
Make a first appointment in frauenärztlichen practice so soon. There you will receive the certificate of pregnancy for submission to the employer and your mother booklet, which summarizes many important information.