Pregnancy – Second Trimester

In the second trimester of the PMD has stabilized the organism, the body is placed on the development of the baby.

For most women, the most relaxing part of nine months begins now. You have to get accustomed to the notion of mother and look forward to the baby.

A period of well-being

In the second section of pregnancy disappear usually the initial complications such as nausea or dizziness. In particular, many women find this second part of the pregnancy as very pleasant. It is also reassuring that the risk has significantly declined a miscarriage. In addition, many pregnant women in the second third feel more balanced and happier. In some women, the pregnancy hormones awaken great powers and they feel around probably. Yet still faster tired be, must notice discomfort when standing or simply more often lie down, you get the rest. Your body tells you conscientiously what he and the baby need. Prepare for one of the most beautiful moments of your pregnancy: your baby’s first movements! First soft and barely noticeable, they sense where it is going and what power it has been from the fifth month very closely.

Development of the baby

At the beginning of the 13th week, the organs are ready trained and must mature only. The liver starts to filter nutrients and the pancreas produces insulin. Also, stomach, kidneys and intestines are already working. The eyelids close and open again in three months. The proportions change slowly – the head grows not more as fast as the rest of the body. Slowly, the lungs and the digestive system evolve. The fetus “drinks” by contraction and expansion of the diaphragm amniotic fluid. Swallowed amniotic is rendered out as urine in the amniotic fluid, which is replaced by new production every ten to twelve hours. The alveoli are not yet unfolded, the oxygen supply is provided via the placenta.

The external sex organs are distinguishable from the 14th week. In the 15th up 18 SSW, the bones spread (that’s why you should look in this time on a sufficient calcium intake). Meanwhile, can the fetus hear and perceive the sounds outside of the abdomen. The child responds to acoustic and Visual stimuli from the outside. Although it is quite noisy in the belly of the mother (bowel sounds, heartbeat and blood flow), the fetus perceives music, voices and other sounds. In the ultrasound image, frown, eyebrow movements and the bales of fists are visible. The fetus is now about 18 to 25 cm tall and 300 to 400 grams.

Between the 21st and 24th week the hair starting at the child to grow and the first bones are formed from the previous cartilage of the skeleton. Fingernails and toenails are now almost fully developed. The little exploit that right and sucking her thumb. The later vital feeding is practiced in this already. The skin forms a layer of slip, the so-called cheese goo that will later make your way through the birth canal. The child is now 26-28 cm tall and approximately 500 g hard. The infant liver and spleen start with the production of white blood cells from the 23rd week. Now the fetus stored more fat, reflecting the increase in weight and size. He is now about 600 g heavy and the 22 cm tall. 23 a week is the minimum age that premature babies must have reached to survive.

As of week 24, a sleep wake rhythm can set in the child. Now, the fetus begins to open the eyes. Although the pulmonary maturity is not yet fully recovered – to do this, there are still certain biochemical substances (surfactants) – the lung from the 25 up 27 SSW is trained. The fetus begins to open the eyes. On the inside of the abdomen, it is brighter than you’d expect: everything in a bright red showed through the many blood vessels, especially in the sunshine, it is light and bright for the fetus.

The course of the mother

The pregnancy is now available for outsiders to realize because of the expectant mother’s belly curves noticeably. Also her body is now fully set to the pregnancy. The production of hormones from the ovaries is no longer needed because the placenta is sufficiently mature that it can make the pregnancy sustaining hormone itself. Therefore the concentration of HCG from the twelfth week of less is high, now usually improves an any morning sickness. The cycle of mother and child are connected via the umbilical cord. The placenta has taken the diet of the fetus. He is now powered by the blood of the mother with the required nutrients. Due to the increased blood volume, the maternal heart must work more. This increases the pulse of mother to five to ten beats per minute. Also the tidal volume increases, to provide enough oxygen for the baby.

From the 16th week begins the production of colostrum (called also colostrum). This colorless liquid is secreted from the mammary glands and may be already “shot out” as a beam out of the chest (usually this happens but at the end of the pregnancy). It is the precursor to breast milk, which comes directly after birth from the breast and contains important nutrients and antibodies for the newborn.

The pregnancy symptoms that occur in the second trimester, due to “mostly” the increasing range of belly and the pressure of the child on the internal organs or the bladder. Due to the pressure on the stomach at this time, it also heaped comes to heartburn. You suffer from this burning sensation in the esophagus, you change your diet: take several small meals throughout the day to spread out, eat just before bedtime and avoid acid-forming foods such as Fast Food, pizza, or very spicy dishes.

Because the weight of the child on the bladder presses, urinate and sometimes involuntary urine outlet can be more troublesome. So that the bladder weakness does not become the permanent state, it makes sense to train the pelvic floor daily. Unfortunately, it comes also to varicose veins and vein problems in some pregnant women, such as stinging, burning or cramping in the legs. This can come from a lack of calcium and other mineral salts that clarify should permit by the obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Reddish or brownish stretch marks caused by the expansion of the connective tissue can occur on the abdomen, chest and hip. Have begun to emerge, they never completely disappear, but fade away after the birth and go over into a subtle silvery tone. Bypass all these stretch marks with most women cannot be unfortunately. But with plucking techniques and regular creams with rich oils can hold the stretch marks in the frame!

A dark line occurs in some women (Linea nigra), which runs from th