Practical Marble Saw Cutting Machine

Available in various designs, the tool can be adjusted to 45 °

Commonly used by construction professionals, marble saw plays an important role in the works: precise cuts in concrete, tiles, floors, tiles and granites. This power tool, available in voltages 110 V or 220 V, performs works straight and at angles of up to 45 ° depending on the model you choose.

With great durability, some versions have a trigger lock, allowing continued use of the equipment, as well as regulators calculate the depth of cut, according to your needs.Thinking about the comfort of users, many brands also produce devices with rubber handles. Manufacturers are concerned about their welfare, so you get these products for the lowest market prices. Do not think twice and now get even your equipment.

Before your purchase, it’s important you know that the marble saw has cutting disks specific to the different materials and for different purposes – such as diamond disc, which performs more precise cuts, and the concave disk, responsible for curved work. Keep an eye also on the power: the higher it is, the greater also the equipment cutting capacity – that is, the device will be more responsive and therefore you will have less physical effort.

Ensure their protection

To use the marble saw, it is recommended to use the sleeve in order to prevent spark in the eye, besides the ear to minimize the noise produced by the machine.

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