Police Brand Italian Sunglasses

The Italian brand Police was created in 1983, in its early days it offers only sunglasses, but she will later offer many accessories: watches, jewellery and perfumes as well as a full range of ready-to-wear.

Police evokes the many stars and American actors who participated in its advertising campaigns: George Clooney, David Beckam, Bruce Willis, and Antonio Banderas and who embodied the image of the scope of the ‘rebel’ dear to the brand in the 1990s.

Police is a young brand with a unique personality, which describes itself as Metropolitan, at halfway between the past and the future. Their current “Be Younique’ campaign clearly highlights the will stand out from others, as well as a brand and as a person.

According to PaulDigo.com, the wearer of sunglasses Police is “Fashion lover” but not “Fashion victim”! It has the sense of the original style, he likes the stereotypes or compliance. Even now, the Police brand name is always in force its famous Blue lenses. There is also a large presence of metal and splashes of color among the mounts of the new collections.

Solar aviator-man-mount metal with polarized lenses, 4 colors.

Lunettes Sun Police for woman. Two-tone plastic mount.

Available in 6 colours.

Bonita collection.

Police glasses with vintage form and branches two-tone very trendy. 2 versions: in black and white and cream with Horn effects.

The syle Police does not dwell on the trends of the moment. The design of sunglasses Police combines the retro elements to more contemporary and dynamic lines, an very rock look and a little vintage according to his own style.

The focus of the companion is on the color of the blue glasses. The brand was the first to truly introduce the blue mirror lenses at the end of the 1980s. It was at the time a small revolution in the world of sunglasses and this success lasted more than 10 years.

Metal model in blue lenses for man or woman and a model aviator for child.The range offers pilots mounts and more square shapes, acetate and metal, addressing “strong and magnetic, in an energetic atmosphere and sexy personalities where the rock becomes a lifestyle”.

Rectangle model enveloping dark shiny silver.

A chic and urban style!