Plus Size Skirt Length

Although the internet is a gold mine of information, you can quickly feel overwhelmed by too much full of information without knowing what really concerns us. For fashion is the same, television is full of shows such as for example the Queens of shopping with Cristina Cordula, but in the end what does it really hold? To make easier the task we have prepared a little guide that will let you know what great skirt length size is adapted to your morphology.

#1 You have slender legs and little knees

If your curves are not on your thighs and knees, enjoy! All of the shots will be permitted, but that you will value will obviously the short skirt. Careful however not to commit odd by combining a short skirt with a plunging neckline: it’s either one or the other. Even if you assume your femininity and your curves, you gotta keep a part of mystery and disclose everything suddenly.

Plus Size Skirt Length

#2 You have strong hips and thighs

Your curves are very present on your thighs and hips? The straight skirt will be your best ally! It will alleviate your curves and so leave you the field open to highlight other advantages: your cleavage, your eyes, your shoulders… Concerning the length of skirt, opt for a height above the knee if you’re not embarrassed to show your knees. If you don’t like too much to reveal your knees, dark semi opaque tights will allow you to refine your legs and enjoy a shorter skirt height.

#3 You are small and you have strong hips

The high waist skirt is made for you! The plus size skirt is just above the knee and give that impression to lengthen the silhouette. Choose loose and fluid skirts to mark more the size and align your look. As you can imagine, the heels are strongly advised to sublimate your silhouette to the end.

#4 You have strong calves and thighs

Even if your curves are in the thighs and calves, this prevents you not to be able to wear skirts. The thing is that it is better to choose patterns of a-line skirts or flared. With the arrival of the beautiful days, feel free to choose a long skirt to cover your legs while keeping a lightness and fluidity in your movements. If you are small, opt for a cute pair of sandals wedge to lengthen your silhouette. Attention however to the choice of materials, some too small or transparent reveal your curves, so if you’re not comfortable is to avoid!

#5 You do not show your knees

The skirt that you will obviously one that stops just below the knee. After this is to choose very carefully because you can quickly have a “Granny” effect. Choose a model with colors of the season and if possible a cutting fluid or flared.