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Plus size clothing fashion online shop-magazyn. The main key to success of any girl or woman—to love yourself and be confident in his appeal. And the size of the clothes is not the decisive role.

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Feel safe and beautiful it will be pretty and feminine, large brand and fashionable women’s clothing, which you can buy in our online store. Women’s blouses in a variety of colors and shades, air fashion jeans

with Rhinestone decoration lovely, large bright dress and stylish you will help create the image from which it will be impossible to look away. High quality fabrics, all of which are sewn provided clothes, very soft and pleasant to the body.

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Every woman wants to look beautiful and scenic. And it doesn’t matter is 40 or 50 size. The myth that the desired parameters can only woman attractive 90-60-90 was in the distant past. The lush beauty have long been storming runways and appear in the pages of glossy magazines.

How to choose clothes for women complete?

Most of the big chain stores are still guided by slender female skaters baggy dresses offer the same beauty. But online retailers offer a wide variety of amazing things elegant. Dresses, shirts, jeans, suits, coats. The main feature of large size clothing (on —is the quality and attention to detail in every thing that will help hide small imperfections figure.

Stylists recommend appetizing forms owners choose thick fabric décolleté dresses. Especially good will with v-neck, which visually «pull» figure. Avoid horizontal stripes, contrasting transitions and angular forms.

Of particular importance will be buying a suit (skirt with a jacket). Please note that the coating should not be too long (at least mid-thigh), with its help you can visually lengthen legs. As for skirts, ladies experts advise curve length of copper. Style—«pencil». In this ensemble will look incredibly stylish and attractive.

Lee deprive the attention and accessories. With properly selected footwear can also make your more attractive figure. Comfortable shoes and a stable heel will help to achieve higher and thinner.


Choose clothes, remember that it must be the exact size: no more, no less. It is believed that women should choose a full size larger. It is a serious mistake. Loose clothing fit visually make you even more money, rather than emphasize the beauty of the figure. We focus on customers often requiring of curvy women dresses up to size 72

Going shopping, remember—the parent style of women—is not interrupted her clothes, but the quality of the product and the way you feel inside. As the saying goes, a woman looks like felt.

Large women clothing women often buy from Yekaterinburg, Saratov, Moscow, Saint Petersburg (St. Petersburg), Penza, Ryazan, Samara, Ufa, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk. People often ask full clothing manufacturer from Turkey, Italy, Germany and Belarus. Important note about quality.

Road, festive, stylish and brand—they can be found in our online store: in fall, winter and spring and summer. Follow the latest developments in our catalog.