Plug Sockets Safe Ensures Security for Users

Products were adequate to prevent electrical shocks and overloads electronic devices. See the benefits of new parts and take the opportunity to buy them at the lowest price on the market

In 2011, sockets and electronic equipment began to be marketed with three round pins. The change meets the rules of the Brazilian Plugs and Sockets Standard, created by the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT).

Before the new standard outlets come into force in Brazil, consumers had at their disposal 12 kinds of plugs, as well as eight distinct shots. This variety required often that customers would use adapters made ​​fragile, which could have different potencies of the devices and thereby cause damage to the equipment. The result was the increased risk of overload, shock and fire.

Therefore, the plug was created with three pins. To perform the connection to the earth wire, the third pin has the function to prevent electric shock if consumers connect equipment that is in short circuit. Another security measure was the change in the adopted format. Now they have a design which makes direct contact of the finger with the electrical circuit. Moreover, the new products have a system that prevents the heating of the socket and also the overload characteristics confirming the increased safety of the new models, which also ensure economy because power loss difficult.

Different settings

In addition to the new standard, the sockets and plugs have two different sizes. Products are found in version 4 mm, for the electronic operating with 10 amperes (such as TVs, DVDs and computers) or 4.8 mm option. This model is recommended for devices with 20 amperes current. Some devices require more electrical power to function like air conditioning, dryer, refrigerator and washing machine.

This distinction provides the right to buy for each unit and, once again, ensures greater safety for the user, since it avoids the electronic connection sockets which do not have the correct power. Here you will find all these products available at unbeatable prices.

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