Plexiglass Wall Clock DIY

Imagination and creativity are considerable strengths, bringing us to the continuous search for materials to be able to build the original objects, maybe even with recovery materials.

With few elements, we can also create special creations of great Visual impact and usefulness. One of these creations, you may have a particular clock made with plexiglass. The end result will go great and our watch will have a highly modern design and cutting edge. Let us see how to create this wall clock with plexiglass.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Plexiglass
  • Welder
  • Clock movement, hands.
  • Sharpie
  • Drill

If we want to decorate our wall with a nice clock, we can intervene personally, going to create something with our hands. Just a few tools and a lot of creativity.
For this creation we should use the plexiglass, which will adapt perfectly well for its flexibility, giving the glass effect to our clock. But let’s move on to implementation.
We begin by getting a piece of plexiglass of the measure that we want and the shape that most prefer. It will be best to start with a smaller or medium sized.
Suppose you want to create a square clock (see, cut then very carefully our plexiglass following a perfectly square shape. That done, we can get a soldering iron and pass it hot on the freshly cut edges, so as to eliminate any sharp edges.

At this point, we must decide on a point in the center of the screen (of course we can also think of doing so off base) and segniamolo with a Sharpie. We take then a drill and practice a hole right in the point of us reported. To know the diameter, simply take the movement that put it on the back and measure the Centre which will hold hands.
Then, the next step will be to decorate the plexiglass at will.

For this you may want to use the technique of decoupage. Or we can just paint our clock with acrylics, according to our personal tastes.
We can also follow the role models for our creation.

Once we’re satisfied, we can take the movement, place it in the hole and tighten the nut that holds the entire movement. Finally, we place the hands, we can then modify by pasting over them of different forms. And our wall clock will be ready!