Planned Pregnancy: What To Think And Do Before You Decide To Have A Baby

You need to assess financial conditions and the physical space, for example, in addition to being prepared to face reviews

Regardless of whether you have been planned or have been discovered at a time when the couple still did not expect, pregnancy is a time of magic and transformations – not only for pregnant women, but for the entire family involved.

But it is a fact that a planned pregnancy presents certain advantages over a pregnancy “surprise”.This is because when planned, all the factors required for a good pregnancy for the mother and the baby are easier to be achieved prior to pregnancy.

Márcio Coslovsky, gynecologist and obstetrician, specialist in human reproduction of Primordia reproductive medicine, in Rio de Janeiro, points as main advantages of a planned pregnancy: “carry out a clinical Checkup before pregnancy and weight loss, just in case you need it. It is also an opportunity to deal with any eventuality pointed to in the previous check-up exams “.

To the gynecologist and obstetrician, two or three months is usually a reasonable time for the woman start planning your pregnancy.

Is a mistake to think, however, that planning pregnancy means just go to the gynecologist and say “I’m trying to have a baby”. There are numerous factors that must be taken into consideration prior to this decision, and several others to be put into practice when the decision to get pregnant is totally right.

9 Things To Think About And Do Before Planning Pregnancy

Do you think it’s time to “raise family”, that is prepared to receive a baby and therefore wants, as soon as possible, get pregnant! But, calm: thinking isn’t enough, you need to make sure, after all, son, no matter how good it is, is a responsibility for the whole life.

“The woman, before thinking about becoming pregnant, should refer to three areas: the reproductive age, the stability of the relationship and the professional and financial equilibrium, that is, the biological, emotional and rational Assembly must be in perfect harmony,” says Cristiane m. Mackin Martin, analyst at the clinic Confirmation, specialist in Psychoanalysis, couples counseling, Psychodiagnostic, Ludotherapy and group dynamics.

“It is important to consider everything before you plan a pregnancy, whether in physical, mental, financial and spiritual, of course this decision will move with all areas of your life,” says Cristiane.

In this sense, you can see the guidelines that must think and do, in fact, planning pregnancy.

  1. Enjoy Life

Before making the decision to get pregnant, according to Cristiane, the couple should enjoy and enjoy the carefree life without children. “Travel, date a lot, sleep late, surfing, mount the horse, anyway, do everything that gives you pleasure and you feel like,” he says.

  1. Do Some Questions For Yourself

Having a child is a lifetime commitment, so according to Cristiane, it is important to do some questions for yourself, as, for example:

“It is in agreement with my partner?”

“He and I have a difference of religion, we have discussed how this is going to be for the child in the future?”

“How will I reconcile work with the child’s education?”

“Both of us are willing to give up the luxury, like sleeping, for example?”

  1. Think About The Financial Conditions

A child needs to be planned in every way, including financially. “It is important that the couple make an estimate of expenses and check if the family budget, at the moment, can go through this significant change,” says Cristiane.

“It is recommended that the couple had savings so you can afford the expenses soar, especially in the last months of pregnancy, and during the preparation for the arrival of the baby,” adds the psychoanalyst.

“One should bear in mind that that choice comes at a price, ‘ we can fix ‘ is not the best way of thinking,” says Cristiane.

  1. Think About The Physical Space

It is very important to think about the physical space. “Think if there’s room in the House for a baby, if it is legal to raise a child. The timing is ideal for dealing with a possible retirement or moving house, because it is a great therapy, “says Cristiane.

  1. Take Care Of Yourself

Cristiane reminds us that nobody is born ready to be a mom. “Having a child is a responsibility and a commitment, a decision that should be meditated with tranquility, confidence and sincerity,” he says.

“So, organize your feelings and mental health, women who suffer from depression tend to have more difficulty getting pregnant. If you’re not with the ‘ head ‘, it is better to get help before getting pregnant, because hormonal changes are intense and often can cause depression in pregnancy and postpartum depression, “explains psychoanalyst.

“If the woman is balanced at the time of pregnancy, everything tends to be easier, including childbirth. I might point out that pregnancy is not an illness, but it should be clear to the woman that the physical and psychological changes are inevitable, “says Cristiane.

It’s important the woman taking care of your physical health, too. “I wonder if I’m eating well?”; “Do I have good habits of life?”; “My health, in General, all right?” are some of the points to be considered.

  1. Have A Frank Conversation With Your Partner

The couple needs to make sure you’re prepared to have a child. “It’s not a decision any, so both must be attentive to the emotion of that decision, but at no time let the reason aside,” says Cristiane.

“How’s your relationship? The father of the baby and you have the same will? Think of a child as a solution to a relationship that’s been shaken up can be a trap, because the situation itself requires several waivers, meaning that choice ends up giving us less than we lost, and this can generate an internal discomfort called anxiety. The small be takes command of all to your back, for example, the timetables of the House, the structure of the room, the furniture of the room, everything goes around the needs and desires of the children “, said the analyst. These changes may happen to a greater or lesser degree, but it certainly has an influence on how the life of the couple works from the birth of the baby.

Cristiane points out that the biggest mistake is thinking that a child will bring happiness to the couple.”Yes, actually, that should be clear to the couple is that the kid is going to share the happiness that already exists, if only because it would be selfish on the part of both put the responsibility on the child”.

  1. Be Prepared To Face Reviews

If the couple, in fact, take an important decision like this, certainly will end up hearing various opinions – some in encouraging, other, perhaps, with the proposed question. “It’s good! It’s about time, huh? “;” Are you sure you want to have a child? Takes work! “;” I wonder if you’re not too young for that? ” … These are a few examples of comments that may arise.

But, it is worth mentioning: the decision is solely. “And both should keep in mind that regardless of comment about the desire to have a child, the charges are real in any family or circle of friends, however, does not mean that these hunches should be accepted. For example, the person begins to date, charge the wedding; After she marries, the charge is in relation to children; After the couple’s first son, ask when it comes to the second, and so on, “says Cristiane.

“I might point out that the couple should keep a firm stance, to place limits and face the questions and criticism from family and friends, and make it clear to them about how they feel uncomfortable with the questions,” adds the psychoanalyst.

  1. Go To The Dentist

The more practical point of view, it’s good the woman going to the dentist to check, in General, as is the health of your mouth.

“It is important to go to the dentist before pregnancy and during pregnancy. There is a fragility to the gums caused by pregnancy can cause gingival bleeding and small outbreaks of food-borne infections in the mouth, “the gynecologist Coslovsky.

  1. Think About The Obstetrician That Will Accompany

Are interest start thinking about the doctor that you would like to follow during pregnancy and in childbirth. Your Gynecologist of confidence does it or you will have to get a new one?

“The obstetrician who will monitor the pregnancy has to be someone with experience and updated knowledge, with whom the woman has and/or make a good relationship,” says Coslovsky.

7 Steps To Plan Pregnancy

You and your partner are even determined: want to have a baby and start planning your pregnancy from now on. Below you can see some steps that should put in place to ensure a successful pregnancy:

  1. Get The Appropriate Weight

If you are overweight, it is interesting to get in on your appropriate weight (which may be informed by your doctor). “This is not essential, but it is much better for the woman. People who are overweight are more likely to get diabetes or high blood pressure in pregnancy. Pregnancy is an overload for the body, and if the woman is already burdened by obesity, is a sum of problems, “explains Coslovsky.

To lose weight, there are no secrets: join a healthy and balanced to some physical activity.

  1. Stop Smoking

Coslovsky points out that the cigarette is an enemy of fertility. “He anticipates the menopause by decreasing the ovarian function. Once pregnant, toxic substances pass through the placenta and increase the chances of prematurity and low birth weight. For those who want to get pregnant, the cigarette should be left to last, “he says.

  1. Decrease The Intake Of Alcohol

“For people who drink socially, there are no problems in getting pregnant. But, from the moment that the pregnancy is discovered, you need to stop drinking, “says gynaecologist.

  1. Perform Clinical Check-Up

The woman should do a full check-up to see how is your health. According to Coslovsky, there are fundamental tests that should be done before the woman pregnant. “Serology to ward off infections.Serology for rubella and toxoplasmosis, glycemia, Pap smears, ultrasound to diagnose potential malformations of reproductive organs and HIV, syphilis and hepatitis, “he explains.

  1. Stop The Use Of Birth Control And Have Sexual Intercourse In The Fertile Period

If you are using any contraceptive method, such as birth control, it is necessary to stop it.

It is crucial even if information about your fertile period, which is the time of the menstrual cycle in which becomes more likely the fertilization of the egg by the sperm and therefore pregnancy. That is, it is the time of ovulation — when the ovary releases one or more eggs to be fertilized.

The ovulation happens always in the middle of the cycle, IE around the 14th day of a regular cycle of 28 days. So, since the desire is pregnant, the ideal period to have sex is 3 days before to 3 days after the expected day for ovulation.

  1. Start Taking Folic Acid

The woman is trying to conceive may start taking folic acid. “It’s a good idea. Folic acid is beneficial for reduction of fetal malformation and neural tube defects, such as anencephaly, “explains Coslovsky.See your obstetrician and your nutritionist so that together they can create a nutrition plan suitable for the coming of the baby.

  1. Pay Attention To Your Food

The woman wishing to become pregnant need not necessarily change your power supply (unless you have bad habits and recognise them, as, for example, consume a lot of frying and candy). “She must be attentive to the raw meats and unwashed salads because of toxoplasmosis. Other than that, the other eating habits can continue the same, “says Coslovsky.

There are many questions and even myths about coffee consumption, but, according to the gynecologist, coffee is not contraindicated during pregnancy or in planning it. “Without exaggeration and with common sense consumption is allowed, but moderation is needed,” he recalls.

Anyway, it is always important to talk clearly with the doctor about possible amendments to be made to the power supply.

Finally, beyond these practical issues, it is very important to control anxiety during this period and also “ensure that relationship”, not letting this phase of preparation for pregnancy becomes something painful, stressful.

Sexual intercourse to have a son must also be particular, consecration of a Union, the couple should take the opportunity to enjoy this moment and never make it out of obligation (only with that idea to generate a baby). This is a phase that calls for complicity, love and romance!