Pixel C Chrome OS

Pixel C is a device; a-the-Google, to get by. Potentially could be a game changer, but the day of reckoning is not only an Android tablet without additional software functions (multi window Ah, thou to heartless Bakr), not only is also quite expensive, but seems to have too many problems of responsiveness (and beyond).

Reason for this could be also his troubled history, which begins in the summer of last year. In June 2014/luglilo in fact, the Pixels C, code named Ryu and Project Athena, a touch device with Chrome OS, are placed in the repository of the latter. A few months later, Project Athena is cleared, but the hardware of Ryu survives, so much so that March 2015 there are commits that suggest that this will become a device dual-boot with Chrome OS and Android. Advanced until July 2015 and also this project, codenamed “Frankenboard” is deleted.

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Spend only a few months, and last September Google Announces Pixels C, code named Ryu(coincidence?), with Android as the operating system only. The rest is history: the tablet is in trade, not by us, only a few days and, as we had already noted in a previous article, is basically a Nexus made entirely by Google. To confirm coming today the first factory image by Pixel C, published along with those of all other Nexus.

Google doesn’t seem to be so very clear ideas on How to combine Chrome OS and Android, but it’s clear that we’re pondering over it for some time. The thing that leaves us a bit perplexing is the fact that so far not only seems to have found the key of the skein, but as usual Google does not trouble to market products in their own way incomplete (cough cough, cough, cough Google Glass), which in a sense are demeaning to everyone: both the platforms they are supposed to represent , that buyers. Fortunately we Pixels C is not for sale! (if I may say so – ed.)