Peter Adrian Style, The Young Asian Man Who Conquers The Blogosphere

You know that in Jezebel man we are very outstanding egobloggers that exist around the world and in our search we have encountered with Peter Adrian, author of the blog”The Hobbyists”. Do you know it?

Aspiring actor, model and dancer, this young man who lives in Los Angeles It shows her looks on her blog, besides being a success also in Lookbook. Its keys are not forced, elegant looks and a very natural style that you should take a look.

5 Peter Adrian that you should copy looks

A combined with woven denim Varsity, a success that Peter brings us this way. A young and fresh look to bring personality to our day to day outfits. Perfect to go to class or for a weekend ride.

And speaking of going to class in the middle of this season’s tests What do you think about this option? The jersey knit is perfect both the color and cut. He combines it with basic trousers in a shade of camel and accompanies it with a perfect backpack. Another good look that inspire us!

A few days ago I asked in a post on the elbow patches on jackets. Here we see it in a jersey that combined with jeans and boots. I don’t use much this type of footwear Like you?

We also see this egoblogger with more formal looks, but always in tones that move between the land and the blue and an example of this is this fantastic styling with which I was surprised a few weeks ago. Perfect pieces combined with very good taste.

And finally you teach this more spring-like style composed of a sweatshirt, shorts, shoes and CAP, very soon we have here the weather (or those are my desire). Do you think your style? Do you know your blog?