Perfect Miter Cut Table Saw

Suitable for finishing tool that enables work at different angles

Millimetric precision and finishes are the key attributes of the miter saws. The tools perform cuts at different angles – up to 90 ° – in various materials such as wood. It can cut metal parts, plastic, tile, with a blade suitable for each of them.

Another important feature to be analyzed is the version of the tool. Used by professionals, the miter saw is a bench model, that is, performs more robust work. Who want to perform simple tasks should opt for miter saw in portable and lighter version.

Have you already made to realize that precise cuts are the specialties of miter saws? And the peculiarity  is to offer the lowest market prices. Check out the options that multispecialist reserved for you and good shopping.

What to consider before buying?

  • The size and type of product: telescope or common. Besides having a bold design products have a mechanism to ensure more extensive cuts. And because they are lighter, enable transport to different places. Already the bench models are more robust for situations where the machine will be fixed in the same place;
  • The tool pressure, which may be 110 V or 220 V;
  • The power saw. There are models ranging from 1370 watts to 1810 watts;
  • The chamfer capacity: machine efficiency in performing diagonal cuts;
  • The cutting capacity: there are variations between 45 ° and 90 °;
  • The disc diameter, which may be 250 mm to 310 mm;
  • The rotation of the tool (the higher it is, the faster the work is done);
  • Cleaning product: watch out the specifications of manufacturers and remember to turn off the device when performing any maintenance.

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