Pencils Decorated in 5 Minutes

Not every day is a day to achieve a super project. I wish life were like that, I set up a new mobile, I redid my room and painted the walls. I’m glad that this does not prevent anyone from having a moment hot to create, just for the pleasure of doing a artezinha to give more color to life.

On days without time, invest in small little things that brighten the routine, these pencils decorated today. Using things you have at home, you can do a lot of cool stuff! Have a few minutes to spare? Then decorate your office supplies with me!

That was the day of experimenting with a collection of black pencil I bought on sale. Ready for the bill of materials? Write it down:

  • Graphite pencil
  • Any craft material you’re giving soup

I had wash tape that masking tape stamped and duct tape we call duct tape, although mine was silver. The process is simple:

  • Opens the tape;
  • Scroll, scroll, scroll;
  • Remove the excess;
  • There you go!

Looks like they were mine!

Of course, there’s always those who don’t work out, but it’s always good to learn. Note to self: don’t spray paint serves for everything, as I imagined!

The latter are the inspiration of next session adorn your pencil!

Like the ideas? Enjoy and tell us: what do you occupy their idle moments? Comments here, are you?!