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Pencils Decorated in 5 Minutes

Not every day is a day to achieve a super project. I wish life were like that, I set up a new mobile, I redid my room and painted the walls. I’m glad that this does not prevent anyone from having a moment hot to create,…
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Tiny House-Living Comfortably in Small Spaces

You know the concept of tiny house? It’s something I knew for some time and search the subject became a hobby. Are houses, usually on wheels, with the same features of a normal house. How? All-in-one design of the environments and the minimalist lifestyle.

How to Make a Terrarium at Home

The terrariums are beautiful decorative objects and used by those who want a little (very little!) green corner, and cultivate a terrarium as a micro garden that can stay up on your nightstand. It can be closed or opened. The…
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Practical Marble Saw Cutting Machine

Available in various designs, the tool can be adjusted to 45 ° Commonly used by construction professionals, marble saw plays an important role in the works: precise cuts in concrete, tiles, floors, tiles and granites. This power tool, available in voltages…
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