Original Engagement Ring

Freed from the shackles jewelers, the engagement ring is allows the volume, color and original patterns. What to terms with this emblem long considered too tradionnel.

In a shop in the rue Saint-Honoré, a couple looking for the engagement ring of her dreams. And leaves topped with a ring … a skull. Buying recently completed the new Parisian concept store Mad Lords is certainly unusual. But it reflects the growing secularization of this object. Vintage , rock, XXL, quirky, colorful, this symbol of commitment frees itself and goes up to order, for engaged couples, 2.0 on Internet.

Another original Tiffany, which this year celebrates 130 years of the set bearing its name, imagine men’s models. Peak on gay marriage, the American jeweler had shown the initiative last year by a black and white advertising joining two beautiful kids enamored at the foot of a staircase in New York. The house De Beers revisits, in turn, the traditional solitaire with a rough diamond, and in the ancient spirit that made the success of its online Talisman. Side effect of this artistic bias: -relativement- reasonable price.

The white diamond is a must

Equally reasonable, specialized e-shops offer the bride and groom a combination of endless possibilities and provide them to push the doors of stores, sometimes impressive for them, the Place Vendome. On the website of the e-shop Edendiam , we choose the shape, metal and stone of the ring. “We note recent seasons a craze for black diamond and some colored stones like aquamarine or Rhodolite garnet that were not far gems associated with this kind of event,” observes Jil Billaudel artistic Director.

At Gemmyo, another specialized online store, the new collection, called Sweet Bride offers stones of all colors cut in the shape of heart and pierced by an arrow Cupid. A series that follows the cocktail rings already very bold in their size and bright colors, the previous collection, The Wild Bride.

If the diamond white remains a staple of engagement, how to work it or its association with other stones give it a different glow. “Engaged couples have enough bling. They want jewelry that have a soul,” says Beck Blueberry, designer engagement rings vintage look, which orders explode. The real antique jewelry is dégotent in an antiquarian specialized or during an auction. The niche is so that the wearer study Tajan organizes a sale specializing in this type of parts annually.

She survived the social upheaval

“The ritual of engagement is in the comeback general of marriage, which is no longer considered a tacky event” analysis Maëlis Jamin-Bizet, founder of the site Bride panda – http://www.barblejewelry.com/2016/12/30/engagement-ring-buying-guide/. The ring, consumer object adorned with the seductive aura, bravely survived the social upheaval.The ceremony, it has nothing to do. “Largely inspired American movies where the young man from his pocket a green in the middle of dinner with friends, it is now very simple. It marks more permission for future spouses out without a chaperone up ‘at their wedding, the original purpose of engagement”, said the sociologist Martine Segalen (1).

“The tiara and wedding basket filled with jewels offered by the family also disappeared,” adds Beatrice Plinval, director of the heritage of the house Chaumet, which has just opened an exhibition dedicated to the “feeling of jewelry” (2). Knots, hearts, crowns, but also arrows,wings and bat, the jeweler brought together all the reasons exploited for centuries to celebrate love and virtues.

In January, the singer Miley Cyrus appeared in the tabloids again with the ring offered by Liam Hemsworth for their engagement and put away in safe since their break. Discreetly but noticed signify the recovery of their history. If the feelings sometimes fly over the jolts of the couple, jewelry remain. This is also what makes their prices.