Online Tool Indicates Ideal Lense for Your DSLR

Finding the right lens for the DSLR camera has become easier with What The Lens . Free to use, the online platform identifies the perfect accessory based on the photographer’s preferred type of effect. For now, the tool recommends lenses only for Canon and Nikon cameras , but will soon fit FujiFilm, Sony, Olympus and Pentax models as well.

Online Tool Indicates Ideal Lense for Your DSLR

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The following tutorial shows you how to use the online service to know the right lens for the photos you want to take. Here’s how to use What The Lens.

Step 1. Go to the What The Lens page and click the “Sign In” button. At the bottom of the home screen, click the camera mark – in the space indicated by the red arrow – and choose between Canon or Nikon. Then select an image category, highlighted by the rectangle. In this tutorial we chose Nikon with the category “Landscape”.

Step 2. The platform will show a gallery of images with different styles within the selected category. Scroll down to load more images.

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Step 3. Notice that by stopping the mouse cursor over a photo, the site informs the camera model and the lens with which the photograph was captured. Click on an image to select it; Do this with 20 pictures.

Step 4. If you want to enlarge a photo to see more details, right-click on it. Click anywhere in the gray area to return to the image gallery.

Step 5. When you select the last photo, What The Lens will automatically open a box telling you the camera model and the ideal lens for the photographic effects you prefer. You can enter your email in the highlighted field to send the result to your inbox.