OnePlus X Smartphone

OnePlus sold now also a mid-range Smartphone: the OnePlus X Onyx 270 euros-and is available only to a limited extent as the OnePlus 2.

OnePlus has begun the sale of its mid-range smartphones OnePlus X Onyx. The 5-inch Smartphone will cost 270 euros and should be available today; However, it is almost exclusively an invitation-based system available – as already in the OnePlus published a few months ago 2.

interested must register with OnePlus and the manufacturer distributed from today-dicing “invites” with which you can buy a OnePlus X. Additionally, OnePlus organises occasional promotions in several capital cities, including Berlin on November 9 this week. This direct sale is but unique and limited to small quantities.

13 and 8 mega pixel

Technically the OnePlus X for its price is relatively well equipped: it has a strong color AMOLED display with full HD resolution, 5 inch, 3 GB RAM, a dual-SIM slot and LTE cat. 4 (up to 140 MBit / s downlink). Processor is the fast, but no longer quite current Snapdragon 801 used. The camera of back of the has 8 megapixel 13 and the camera of front of the. The OnePlus X has built only 16 GB Flash memory, which can be located but at least extended via microSD.

The housing should appear with high-quality materials and durable glass front as noble as a high-end Smartphone. The standard version has a back “Onyx glass”, a version with ceramic back for 380 euros – the OnePlus X ceramic – should be available in a limited edition of 10,000 Smartphones from the end of November. It is a whole piece with 160 grams heavier than the normal Onyx, which weighs 138 grams.


As operating system OnePlus uses the Android 5.1.1-based, proprietary OxygenOS such as at the OnePlus 2. The user does not have restrictions over Android this in principle: access to the Google play store is possible without problem and the standard features of Android are widely available. In addition, OxygenOS offers a nice quick launch menu and more customization than Android.

To get an invitation, you must register on the Web site of the manufacturer with his E-Mail address.