Nvidia Tegra K1 Android Development

Something’s brewing at home NVIDIA, something related at the world of gaming, and that will intercept the route from both the mobile and the PC.

It would be natural to think in Shield 2, which it said should arrive next July 22, but beyond the name, should not be a console game along the lines of the first shield, but a tablet with optional separate controllers.

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As reported by BBC News, we should be dealing with a tablet with CPU NVIDIA Tegra K1, able to receive games streamed from a PC with a suitable graphics card GeForce, your tablet can then carry on a tv that was connected via HDMI.

Will however also a controller, who will not be integrated as on the front Shield, but will be a separate element (an idea similar to the development shown above where the controller is portrait Moga).

Is some doubt, legitimate, if it is indeed a tablet or rather a TV box, given the recent presentation of Android TV, whose Developer version is based on the NVIDIA Tegra 4. We still don’t have an exact answer, but if the date of July 22 turns out somehow valid, we’ll find out soon: what would you prefer?