NVIDIA Shield Tablet Release

In recent days, was circulated on the net the news of a possible new NVIDIA Shield Tablets as early as next month, with most powerful Tegra CPU X 1, presented in early January. According to a source of AndroidPolice, which in the past would prove reliable in the field, in March will not present any new NVIDIA product: Shield 2 Tablet will come only during the summer, about a year after the previous model.

On paper the thing makes sense, given that the first Shield arrived in July 2013, followed by Shield Tablet about a year later, so it would be logical to think that even Shield 2 Tablets should see the light in July-August 2015.

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These are two anonymous sources, without any evidence in support of its argument, but we bet we would aim more about summer hypothesis for the launch of a new Shield Tablet. In any case, with all the news brought by the Mobile World Congress, arriving in March will be a snap, and then we’ll see if one of the two reports was in the right.