NVIDIA Shield Tablet Android Version

NVIDIA Shield Tablet just got the latest version of Android and several bugfixes, but if you have one maybe you should worry about on the other.

NVIDIA has announced a withdrawal of the units sold after July 2014: due to faulty batteries, these templates are subject to overheating and consequently in fire risk. Of course the company will replace free of charge all Shield defective Tablets and has already published the procedure to be followed.

First, you will need to make sure that you have installed the latest update, which should be dated July 1, 2015 (or next day). After doing so, open the settings, select About tablets, then Status. Check the item “Battery”: If you have a model not defective, B01, shows whether your code is Y01 you must replace your Shield Tablet.

Then click on Y01, replacement application launches and after a short time you will be notified where you must enter the code for withdrawal obtained by filling out this form.

As specified, keep in mind that once the procedure the tablet will be disabled remotely and will become unusable. Finally know that there is also a toll free number for Italy, namely 800788031.

Considering the potential risks, we recommend that you perform these operations as soon as possible to make sure that your NVIDIA Shield Tablet is not impacted or to replace it.