NVIDIA Shield 2 Release Date

NVIDIA looks ready to tread again the road of handheld consoles, with the second generation of its Shield, known simply as Shield 2. Don’t be fooled by the name, anyway from kin and drawing: Shield 2 will be a tablet.

NVIDIA has abandoned the form factor of the previous model, in favor of something more classic: a tablet with separate controller (the portrait above) and docking station so we can play comfortably, perhaps also by matching it to the TV, making it a console for all purposes.

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The confirmation of the date of July 22 is not yet official, but is reported as reliable from various sources, that talking about the launch right at the end of next month, with the official presentation of the console that should logically precede that date.

Still a bit nebulous the technical features, which should be of the highest profile, with CPU Tegra K1 with 3 GB of RAM, and probably we will also have the same skills as a stream of the first model.

The price? The first Shield departed high, about $349, then down up to 199; considering the diversity with the first model, we imagine a much cheaper, even if it is to be seen what kind of marketing will choose NVIDIA (for example if the controller will be bundled or not). We hope to hear more soon, and no later than the end of next month.