Nokia We Have Prepared a New Batch of Nokia Asha for The Next Days

Nokia is betting strongly by the emerging markets and by the low ranges of terminals that so many benefits have been reported him over the years, even today, when the landscape is practically dominated by the smartphones.

A few days ago, we met the last member of the family Nokia Asha, Nokia Asha 210, a terminal with QWERTY physical keyboard and basic, but effective, functions such as the inclusion of WhatsApp between your applications. Nokia has revealed that in the next few days we will know. new members Asha family.

We continue renewing our portfolio, which includes plans to announce innovations and new products in the Asha online in the next few days.

This is the recent statement of Stephen Elop, the CEO of Nokia, at a meeting of investors. We don’t know if the terminals to present will be based on the new aesthetics presented at Asha 210 (understand yes) or whether any of them will be full touch, and it looks like the Nokia Lumia, as it was rumored by the network a month ago.

Image filtered by @evleaks

Whatever it is, in a few days the question is definitively cleared of what new Nokia Asha family members.