Nokia Smartwatch Launch

Among the companies interested in designing a smartwatch also check Nokia with his patent dated August 2012

Not just smartphone lives the man. No, wait, maybe this quote does not exist yet though Oh well come on, reflects our current reality: technology doesn’t seem to last us ever and we are invaded by tablets, computers and more recently smartwatch.

Although there are still many on the market, many manufacturers seem intent to build any of them and customers seem to like it. However a smartwatch is not totally autonomous and independent, without the pairing with a smartphone or tablet its functions are almost nil.

Examples of smartwatch currently on the market can be the two Sony Smartwatch, the recent Samsung Galaxy Gear and finally the Pebble. Personally I prefer the latter because even minimal, offers everything a smartwatch should have: ease of use, good connection and device compatibility and an SDK to work with.

Among the manufacturers interested in the marketing of a smartwatch seems to be also Nokia and to confirm it is this patent dated August 2012, over a year ago, then:

Right away you notice something different from current models and shows the willingness of the Finnish company wanting to use multiple displays located on the strap. Having more than one display would help you to stay focused on a variety of functions and not necessarily one at a time. Good idea but maybe difficult to achieve for a matter of size and amenities.

Since both Google and Apple may already be working on one of these touch screen LED watches (refer to, it would be a great move for Microsoft to anticipate them and maybe take advantage of the features shown in the patent. Do not exclude a possibility of involvement of the Redmond company now that Nokia has under its control.

Personally I think the smartwatch is not absolutely necessary but are a plus, something you may have but you can very well do without, all current models were able to give me a reason to appreciate them, which maybe is this the smartwatch that will change my mind? We’ll see when and whether it will be realized.