Nokia Lumia 928 It Is Official

After weeks of rumors, and even the appearance on a billboard, we can say that the Nokia Lumia 928 is a real phone, since Finns just show on their official website. Is a page dedicated to the phone, which will be showing new products, by now only we see an image of the phone doing a photo.

And is that the photographic aspect of this variant of the 920 Lumia will be very important, if Pureview technology already was in the international model, in the 928 charges higher interest to incorporate a Xenon flash, well liked item by mobile photography lovers.

There is no more specifications and details on the announcement, but if we go to your paper version, also appeared recently, and with the Verizon operator as the protagonist, we see that Carl Zeiss confirmed the abilities of your phone in situations of low light, optical stabilization, or lenses.

We possibly have us forget of it in Europe, since it is a model designed for the operator Verizon, with the difficult mission of crop land in a complicated market for them as American. I’m sure that wouldn’t mind to many that were left down here.