Nokia EOS Camera Is Seen in Video

Still we are not clear if the Nokia device is real, an advanced prototype stage, or they are straining us to the technology network, but each passing day give us a new cookie information. On this occasion, a short video in which the striking area of the camera is.

Yesterday, I showed them the terminal in a full gallery of images, so the aspect already knew it. In them it could be seen as the amount of megapixels was not defined, we knew that they would be two digits, by the “XX”, but nothing more. In the title of the video leaked, they dare to talk about 40 megapixels, which may well be 41, as in the Nokia 808 PureView:

We again see the logo PureView, and the objective mechanical shutter opening and closing. Vizileaks is being responsible for ir filtering what we know of the phone, and promises that they will soon share photos taken with the phone.

What is rumored is that EOS is being tested by the operator AT & T for the United States, where it would appear in July, and that Nokia would be working in special software in Windows that match the camera Phone.