Night Light Lantern Lamp

Read this post so that the operation of the Lantern © ® pilot has no secrets for you!

There are enough of you to regularly ask us how the Lantern © ® pilot works … Reading this post, the bbnove night light will have no more secrets for you! In addition, at the bottom of post, you are given access to the notice of the nomadic pilot Lantern © ® of bbnove …

How to turn on / off your Lantern © ® pilot:

  1. Press the button for 3 seconds and the pilot light is on.The display is lit.Lantern © ® will light as soon as night falls or put it under the duvet to check that it lights up!
  2. Press the button for 3 seconds and the pilot is stopped.The display is off.

How to activate Lantern © ® operating modes:

  • TILT MODE The pilot stays on and turns off after two hours.If the pilot goes out and the child does not sleep or wakes up … It can touch the pilot and it will turn back on instantly. It will remain lit again two hours etc …
  • CONTINUOUS MODE We have provided a continuous ignition mode throughout the night.If your child touches or does not touch Lantern © ®, it will remain lit all night.

To change mode, nothing more simple: press the button:

How to refill your Lantern © ® pilot:

Charge the Lantern® ® nightlight directly on your computer or on your phone and / or tablet charger with the included micro USB cable.

And here is the ability to download the manual pilot Lantern © ®.pdf:

Notice bbnove lantern child’s nightlight-Recto

Notice bbnove lantern child-Verso

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