Night Light for Baby

Also, your baby requires at least a small light Sleeping? Your problem will solve these Zazu sheep. Their light is pleasant, can themselves off, it does not need to be plugged in and are also incredibly cute.

Night Light for Baby


This lamb is great in many ways.

Has no cable, it may not be plugged in, you can get it just sit where you like, you can travel with it wherever you want. It will definitely be our fellow travelers on our next night’s trip by car. Thanks moving head is because of night lights become a sheep reading lights and not just in the crib. By simply tilting the head back from it a light, which gently illuminates the room.

A careful lamb lights up in two intensities. Less sleep, more reading. Sheep Fin has a built-in LED lights under his chin, on the abdomen instead of the tail has a control knob that makes the lamp to light up or goes out. Under this control is the low battery warning. There are recharged via a USB cable (advantage when traveling abroad, simply recharge via USB notebook or a reduction in car). Charged battery lasts up to 10 hours.

Cool to night light is also that after the light is itself an hour off. So you do not think that you have to go into the closet extinguished.

The night light of JOSEPHNIGHTLIGHTS is beautiful, cute, and get it in the three colors. In pink, blue and neutral gray.

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Just one thing to be careful. Perhaps a sheep Fin your child will be thrilled as much as it is my will, and to walk with her to bed, where he lies down with her, hug her and be with her trying to sleep. And maybe your child will be as curious as ours and will always chattering switch. There would be nothing so terrible if the child decides to follow directly led light, which when pressed switch lights go out and when. And therefore I can not leave our child alone with sheep unattended.

That does not bother us, just as our assistance and my singing during sleep requires, so it’s cool and immediately after falling asleep on his arms lamb take and build it piece by cot. A moment at him blissfully watching how beautifully asleep. And then quietly vyplížíme of the closet…