New Sports Collection by Beyoncé

It was today, April 14, that Beyoncé launched a fashion collection focused on sportswear. Get to know better this feminist line that promises to help women to love your body even more and that has left the world full of expectations in the gallery at the end of the article.

TH likeTopshop and Miss Selfridge, the Queen B decided to give more of themselves with this new collection. In the video below tell us what inspired you, which gives you strength in the most difficult times and justifies the name of your new project: Ivy Park.

This icon of strength and inspiration for many women around the world has created a collection of 200 pieces with an ultra cool and powerful image. The pieces are prepared for high intensity workouts and are designed to make us feel elegant and comfortable. The highlight of the collection is the colorful sports bras. You can find them at

If we have to highlight some, we chose the leggings,  by the way they were drawn and sewn. They are thinner and come in three different models: “I” of sagging waist, “V” of medium waist and “Y” of raised waist.

Now imagine us to be stylish, and fit more like a Bey, will be hard to resist to try some of these pieces, ranging from 13€, approximately to  200€.

Stay with a few pieces and do not hesitate to comment with us, are you a Beyoncé fan? Could we give you some power with this news?