New Nexus 8 Inch Tablet

Our site Tablet Appears on The Website: Simple Error or New Nexus?

The game of the day is called “guess who?”, and more specifically refers to the tablet shown in the picture above. You can find it in this page of the site, shifting a little bit down, but before diving in too many speculations and make you lose diopters, I do see a bit better.

It is clear that this is not any of the tablet Nexus known: a frame so thin is unprecedented in the tablets from Google, and although its general dimensions appear to be those of the Nexus 7 (keep in mind that it is the hand of a woman) is likely to be something in the neighborhood of 8 inches, given the particularly low edges.

The fact that he is very insignificant aboard KitKat: this is an edited picture and it’s obvious that you use the latest version of Android, which has been expertly glued on; the question is to ask whether those who realized he simply took a tablet, maybe just a mockup, or a specific template, and then a new Nexus. It wouldn’t be the first time that any advertising is “Pickles” similar, one way or the other, because often those who create these things don’t even necessarily know what he’s talking about.

Is only worth mentioning of one Bluetooth certification last week for the model LG V510 where V500 is the G 8.3 Pad: we no longer knew nothing of this hypothetical variant of LG’s tablet, so we can’t make statements too risky. But in the meantime we’ve put a flea in her ear.