New Images for BlackBerry Priv

UPDATE: we add three more images of the device, a user on Reddit has got to take a few minutes during a brief hands-on with the device. The impressions were very good, among other things; hit especially the extreme thinness, lower even than the Samsung Galaxy 5 Notes that for a device that has a physical keyboard is already a result. Keyboard slide mechanism, by the way, seems very solid and stable. User experience seems smooth and free from lag, even though the camera seemed a bit sluggish in focusing (in a hotel room with low lighting and unfinished software, don’t expect much more).

BlackBerry Priv, the first Android smartphone made by Canadian company, is now known by users around the world thanks to the extensive list of videos, photos and render emerged in recent weeks. Difficult therefore consider it still a secret.

The new images have appeared today allow us to see again the Terminal and get some confirmation about its functionality, including the ability to shoot movies in 4 k at 30 fps. This is possible thanks to the presence of a main camera from 18 Megapixels and a 64 bit 808 Snapdragon SoC will be the heart of the device. Among other things, the presence of a 64-bit processor is confirmed by the screen of AnTuTu that prompts the user to activate the 64-bit version of the famous benchmark.

Finally we also find a screen of BlackBerry Safeguard, the software developed by Canadian company which should guarantee the same safety standards that BlackBerry has used its users over the years, now on Android. BlackBerry Priv is expected to be released later this year, so his presentation appears to be imminent.