New Google Nexus 8 Tablet 2014

Considering the “hunger” of new tablet Nexus that has accompanied us for months now, it was inevitable that the opening image (click to enlarge) would rapidly around the world, associated with the name Nexus 8, anticipated for months now.

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This is a tablet that you see on the website of Google I/O 2014, so its origin is at least suspect, but this does not necessarily mean that it is a new model. The proportions seem very long, but the similarity with the Nexus 10 is rather obvious, both from the two front speakers, the position of the volume keys and ignition.

The inside screen is then clearly a render, on purpose to marry with lines in the background, and bearing still blue icons on the status bar, typical of Jelly Bean, but that still doesn’t mean anything.

It’s early so to say with certainty that we will see a new tablet Nexus at Google i/o this year, and most importantly it is early to say that this elusive tablet is the portrait above. The latest rumors regarding spoke to HTC as a possible producer, but this particular one is, unfortunately, far from being confirmed.