Natural Childbirth: A Realistic With Everything You Need To Know From Pre To Post Partum

It is essential that the woman discover the benefits of this type of delivery, both with regard to your recovery and the health of the baby.

These days, it seems essential to rescue the importance of natural childbirth, whereas, in Brazil, more than 50% of childbirth are by cesarean section, and there are still many doubts and even myths on the subject.

There are cases and cases, but every woman should consider, firstly, is that the normal delivery is the best option for her and the baby; or at least he contemplated that possibility and inform yourself on the subject.

Alberto Guimarães, OB-GYN, advocate the concepts of Humanized childbirth and creator of the program Delivery without fear, points out that this type of delivery is very important with regard to the maturity of the baby. “Is the best option because you don’t take the baby out of time, avoiding cause prematurity,” he says.

In addition, as the OB-GYN, the woman tends to have less bleeding in this kind of labor, have less infection, has an easier time in taking care of this baby because was not subjected to any surgical procedure, among other advantages.

But, then, why there is currently so much “fear” in relation to natural childbirth? Why Brazil is the leader in Cesarean section? What are the main myths and truths surrounding the subject? In what cases the Cesarean is really necessary?

Below you understand better how the natural childbirth and clarifies your doubts on the subject.

Natural Childbirth: Prenatal To Postpartum

To avoid fears and even to “escape” of the main myths surrounding the subject, it is essential to understand how the normal childbirth pregnant happens, knowing each of “their” steps and feeling safer in relation to your choice.

Prenatal Care

Prenatal care, according to Guimaraes, is critical, because that’s where the information, knowledge, share experiences with other people who have passed away or who wish to pass this way. “This is the moment that the healthcare personnel can report, is there that one can think of the physiology of childbirth, say how it happens,” he says.

“In prenatal care also discusses about birthing plans, to give an idea of what a woman is looking for, what she wants and what she considers limit, then, is the right time to delve into a discussion and learn how to overcome some difficulties,” adds the gynecologist and obstetrician.

One of the things shown on prenatal care, highlights Guimarães, are the signs that show that “the time has come”: the loss of the mucous plug (gelatinous secretion that occurs as the proximity of childbirth) and regular uterine contractions that characterize the labor.

Kamlesh Floresti, gynecologist and obstetrician Floresti Medical Center, points out that prenatal care is essential regardless of the type of childbirth that pregnant women will have. “In it we evaluate whether there are pre-existing or current diseases, such as viral infections like rubella, Cytomegalovirus, toxoplasmosis, HIV and hepatitis,” he says.

“With the increasingly sensitive ultrassonográficos exams, we can pretty much walk away or confirm the occurrence of chromosome disorders, such as Down syndrome, and check if the baby is developing perfectly. No surprises at birth if a prenatal was well done, “adds Floresti.

The Natural Childbirth Itself

Guimarães shows that there are some stages: the initial stage of labor takes much longer; the dilation of the cervix (which is where the baby’s exit) is slower. “So, despite cramps and be uncomfortable, it does not mean that the child is already going out,” he says.

The active phase of labor, when the contractions are more uncomfortable, means that, in a short time, the woman is about to enter another period, the expulsive, that is when the baby will come out. “So, the delivery is not only focused on when the baby is coming out, it starts when the signals appear, when the contractions are getting closer, and then people will realize that it is necessary to go to motherhood (if the birth is thought of the environment),” said Guimaraes.

The time is very relative, since the labor can take 12:00 until 6:00 pm. “Let’s not think about that in the first contraction can trigger the clock and think you’ve started the labor. Because this might have even spacing 3 days and, thus, the woman is not going to sleep thinking that the baby will be born, and when she needs to go get tired, sleepy, “said Guimaraes.

The Postpartum

Shortly after the birth of the baby, according to Guimaraes, the woman, theoretically, you can lift, take a bath alone. “And the recovery is incomparably better than in a surgical delivery. It is important to remember that this woman needs to take care of the baby, and in natural childbirth, no doubt, she will be in better mental and physical condition to do that, “he says.

Floresti points out that the postpartum will also depend on the fact that it was made or no episiotomy (cutting in the area between the vagina and anus called the perineum). “In cases where it was not done this procedure, in a few hours the woman will already be well, walking quietly and with little pain,” he says.

“In the case of the episiotomy, is a bit more painful. Therefore, we recommend you wait a little longer to walk; usually the next day. But it’s also very quiet compared to the post-op caesarean, “adds Floresti.

Video Reports On The Regular

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The Main Benefits Of Natural Childbirth

It is important that the woman is attentive to the advantages that the regular offers, not only with regard to postpartum recovery, but also in relation to the health of the baby and the bond between mother and son.

In relation to the benefits for the baby, Guimarães highlights: the baby has a much better chance of being born mature, of the lung to be working well and being breast-fed.

“In the regular way, if we cut the cord, will an amount of placental blood to the baby, it makes him less likely to have anemia at an early stage,” said Guimaraes.

For the baby, the normal delivery is also possible to have skin-to-skin contact more quickly with the mother. “Because his place is exactly in her lap, rather than in a crib,” says the obstetrician.

For the mother, outside the “feeling of victory” by the fact of getting complete this cycle, which is giving birth, she usually has less chance of bleeding and infection. “On a normal birth will not commit the uterus, then increase more the chance of another natural childbirth; and also avoids the complications of when doing a c-section. That is, the woman also has much to gain in the regular way, “he says.

Remember that recovery is much quicker and quiet after vaginal delivery, and the woman usually recover your weight more easily.

11 Questions About Natural Childbirth Clarified

Below, the doctors respond to the main issues involving this type of delivery, helping to deconstruct myths, providing women with a realistic view of what the natural childbirth really means.

  1. How long can parturition?

Can last a few hours, the 12 6:00 pm, according to Alberto Guimarães. “When this delay happens, we have to encourage the person, remember that in everyone’s labor contraction, the contraction is like a wave, it comes and goes, it is not something that stretches over the 12:00. In labor, if the woman embarks on sensations, she enters the ‘ partolândia ‘, which is when she is on a special stage of consciousness, is ‘ a little out of breath ‘, and get that reference a lot of people imagine that pain will be excruciating pain, and enters a more focused experience for the birth, “he says.

  1. Is correct to say that the regular way it hurts?

To Guimaraes, the pain of labor cannot be understood and translated as a suffering or a situation in which the person is not going to handle it. ”

“Pain can be challenging, Yes, but I have seen in our experience Childbirth without fear ‘ that many women don’t ask for analgesia in spite of the anesthesiologist be available. This shows that the pain and discomfort there are, but if they get to a point where they are intolerable, got analgesia and thus don’t need to escape the regular way, “said Guimaraes.

“The issue that really hurts is extremely concerning, including experiments in which we do not report all that pain, and some people at first asked for help, and we have to respect that,” adds the gynecologist and obstetrician.

  1. To avoid pain, vaginal delivery can be done with anesthesia?

Yes. According to Rene Floresti, during labour, the doctor, after evaluating the dilation and insinuation of the cephalic pole, you can indicate the use of anesthesia. “Therefore, the anesthesia can be made with a continuous epidural, still at the stage of dilatation of the cervix, causing the pain virtually cease, but that uterine contractions continue in activity, leading to natural childbirth,” he says.

“The anesthesia to childbirth can be made with complete dilation, and in these cases, is chosen from the epidural or spinal anesthesia, depending on the position of the baby, dilation, Overture, etc. Many times, especially when it’s done by on, the anesthesia is local only, at the time of withdrawal of the baby, “adds Floresti.

  1. are there measures that help women to feel less pain at the time of the natural childbirth?

Floresti, a prenatal for well done will be explained as is the time of delivery, and the wife will arrive more relaxed and with knowledge of the progress of all.

“Still can be made using massages, hot tubs, balls, hiring doulas, well … a lot of things in order to bring more peace of mind to the mother in this moment so desired. And not to mention the ultimate pain can be eliminated with anesthesia, if necessary “Floresti.

  1. is it possible to prepare and stimulate the natural childbirth during pregnancy?

Yes, and this should be done in accordance with Floresti. “The woman should always be stimulated in order to have a natural childbirth. At the beginning of the prenatal care, directing which exercises stimulate basin region, vagina, which the movement of breath, etc., “he says.

“There are prenatal courses taught by leading hospitals in São Paulo, for example. So, the woman’s desire to have a natural childbirth and a good follow-up are very simple formulas, which generally culminate in the occurrence of natural childbirth “Floresti.

  1. It is true that natural childbirth stretches the vaginal canal.

“For the passage of the baby, if distends the muscles, and I’d say it could extend, Yes, and the channel has to widen but the baby will not pass,” he responds.

“However, it is important to know that there are a lot of care, exercises and steps to be taken to that muscle stretch and extend to the passage of the baby. But, after passing the baby, and with diminishing hormones, with this new body awareness, and with the exercises that exist, this woman keep having a vagina and a vulva with musculature, which can act and be used in sexual thing, without prejudice.There’s no such thing as wanting to operate not to widen the vaginal canal, because the weight of the uterus in the pelvic floor can take a stretched muscle, and thus the urinary incontinence can also occur in who did Cesarean “Guimarães.

  1. Pregnant with twins can have natural childbirth?

You can, but there are some situations: “the pregnant car tends to give birth before 40 weeks, so this question of prematurity is something to consider, moreover, the position of the babies is also important to think in childbirth,” said Guimaraes.

“Generally, to think about natural childbirth, the first needs to be upside down, the breech. The weight difference between them is also important, it is interesting to note if the first has a weight equal to or greater than the second, this difference cannot be too big. Even if the baby is sitting and if you think of a c-section, you can expect the mother to go into labor. It’s not just because it’s car to try to ‘ simplify it ‘ “.

  1. It is true that “little women” or with narrow hips may not have natural childbirth?

No. “Again we enter the issue of proof of labor. Many times we think ‘ ah, that small woman ‘ or ‘ skinny woman ‘, and in fact when she goes into labor, contract right, dilates well to Bowl, and this woman who apparently was thin and weak, have a natural childbirth, “said Guimaraes.

  1. In what cases the natural childbirth is indicated and in what cases is not suitable?

Every woman who is pregnant should consider that she is a candidate for the natural childbirth, according to Guimaraes. “Experiencing pregnancy in a healthy way, thinking of an extraordinarily good experience, think of all the good that happened in this pregnancy to increase our wealth of experiences and experiences, help that is more prepared with this baby and the issue of own family that’s coming up there”, he comments.

“It’s very rare that is not indicated this type of delivery, unless the baby is in a transverse position, because when it comes to work in this position, the baby cannot be born and he’s going to need a caesarean,” said Guimaraes.

“Another case is when the placenta previa, or total, often result in a woman who already had caesarean.This placenta is under, there at the entrance to the cervix and cover the cervix, if we want to expand this lap, the placenta will take off and we’re just going to have blood and will need to operate, this is a situation that it is necessary to think of a c-section, “Guimaraes.

“I always think it’s important the labor because he is as a proof, that points who is suitable for natural childbirth and who needs a c-section,” adds the gynecologist and obstetrician.

  1. As used to be the recovery after natural childbirth?

After childbirth, recovery tends to be generally good. “The mother has a lift earlier, can deal more easily with your personal care and hygiene. It is important to remember that this issue of postpartum brings another situation that is the issue of breastfeeding, and for this she has to be right, secure, confident, she will meet another huge demand, and that will require that she’s in one piece. This recovery then is a possibility more than breastfeeding be successful “.

  1. A woman who has regular retrieves faster your weight after pregnancy?

For Floresti, recovery of weight after childbirth does not depend on both the type of delivery, and the woman. “If she breastfeeds. And, as labor c-section is more painful, especially in the early days where the woman gets more rest and losing less calories, weight recovery is a bit more accelerated in the regular way, but is not as significant, “he says.

Finally, remember: the most important of all is the woman to consider all the possibilities, learn about the different types of childbirth, for, like, take your own decision. And, hold on their choices of course feel more relaxed throughout pregnancy and in childbirth itself.