More Details of The EOS Nokia Keep Getting to The Fore

Nokia EOS It takes several months to appear on the network as the next great phone of Nokia. A device that would use the Windows Phone system and in which the great virtue would be your camera, with Pureview technology It already put into practice in the 808.

It is clear that late or early this important feature come to major phones from the Finnish company, currently Lumia terminals. How would this ‘EOS’? According to WMPowerUser which in turn cite several sources whose data match, it would be a device with housing in polycarbonate, 4.5 AMOLED screen inches and xenon flash. Come on, that has all the earmarks that will be very similar to the Nokia Lumia 925 except certain changes to make hollow the new sensor, much larger than the of all the current Lumia.

The software It will also be renewed to accompany the powerful sensor. We might think that the Smart Camera that will come with Amber Update would be sufficient, but the same sources indicate that they be distributed a new program, Nokia Pro Camera, much more complete that will even allow to modify certain parameters so far not available in a smartphone. Also say that the camera includes a lid that opens when you run the application, which gives a rough idea of which size will be far superior to the sensors that we are accustomed to seeing.

Still no dates still, and but little by little we’re going knowing details clearly still much to know. Eager to see what has prepared Nokia, historically one of which most have opted for photography in mobile, and check where to put it within our comparative.