Modern Country Style Wall Clock

In this article we want to help all our dear readers, to figure out how to make a clock country, for your apartment, so that they can give a different air and totally original look. If we want to create a modern wall clock, with subject country, here in this guide, quick and easy, we’ve decided to offer everyone, step by step, we will be able to make a clock as a gift or to keep at home. With cutouts righteous inserted harmoniously, to create environments of great effect, which then applies the quartz mechanism, we can create something really nice, I will also like to our friends. Ready to start? Good luck and have fun!

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • compasses
  • fine-tipped black marker
  • quartz movement
  • hands
  • Matt varnish
  • fabric cord
  • hot glue
  • fabric or plastic flowers
  • small animals
  • hook spanners

The first thing we need to do to kick off to our DIY job, is to crop the subjects to apply then at work, imagining the environment in which to place them. It may be useful, in this case, draw first on the surface a rough sketch of the scenery that you intend to achieve. Then with the technique of decoupage, pasting figures and adding decorative enrichment strokes, with the water-based enamels such as tufts of grass, clouds, bushes. If we have no idea, we can also take a cue from the pictures below.

After painting the clock and also apply the decoupage, draw with compasses the two departments: one smaller and one larger one as you can see in the picture above. The track finishes with the black marker.
With the use of pencil, drawing within the discs (circles) numerals. Are designed large so they show up well on a blue background. It finishes with the black marker.

On the back of the Panel shall apply the quartz mechanism that you can buy in most DIY stores or hobby centres provided.
On the Panel should be fixed also decorated the two hands and the smaller one. This should be done after you spread the paint Matt finish.
The profile of the clock is finished with a fabric DrawString to secure with hot glue. Stretch small dots of glue to keep the Panel.
An additional clock decoration consists of fabric or plastic flowers and small animals attached with hot glue. In this way hides the hook spanners which serves to hang it up.


Never forget:

  • Just very little and with a little patience and good will, we will be able to achieve a unique and very original work!

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