Microsoft Surface Tablet Android Apps

The main source of complaints against Android tablets is that they are tools for the use of content, rather than their creation. The same criticism does not apply to Microsoft Surface that strong of their operating system desktop mold, do not pose some of these problems.

This situation must be quite known to the trio of ex-Googlers that at CES in Vegas presented Remix Ultra-Tablet, tablet, which at first seems a copy of Surface low cost, complete with similar magnetic keyboard, but is actually a lot more, especially in terms of Android.

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The tablet itself is in fact a 11.6 “full HD with Nvidia Tegra SoC 4, 2 GB RAM, 64 GB of expandable memory and will arrive on Kickstarter in February at the price of $450, including the keyboard, with shipments by the summer. But that’s not the point.

The tablet is primarily a showcase for the software inside: a customized version of Android, called Remix OS, addressed specifically to productivity, which Jide Technology, the company that its creator, aims to sell to other OEMs. App window, taskbar, specific menus associated with the right click and other comforts we all used Desktop style are there waiting for us at the same time, without losing the benefits of a mobile system like Android: apps can even turn intosmartphone mode, with an aerial view column (portrait) that you can drag to the screen through her window.

The system is still not perfect, but it works, and it’s definitely a step in the right direction to make Android more suitable for not really mobile, but from which no longer no matter if he wants to strengthen its market position. Jide you also added additional software such as browser, file manager, email and calendar, exploiting to the best chance to run in window and also used by right clicking. As always, the operating system is the base, then what counts are the apps, and we will follow with great interest the evolution of this Remix OS.