Marine Look with Striped Shirt

Marine-look is this summer as always and stripes have a big advantage in my opinion: make good mood! Sabina by Ocean Blue style has on this occasion called the “day of the striped shirts” in life and started a Blogaktion, so that it now also in my blogger colleagues:

  • Betsi
  • Bärbel
  • Gunda
  • Heidi
  • Sonja
  • Sunny
  • Bianca
  • Annemarie
  • Janine
  • Lewis

You can see cheerful stripes outfits. Let surprise you, how different are the interpretations of the striped theme!

Casual marine look

With me you can see the original-Brittany-shirt by Armor Lux, which already knows her post to the 2012 fashion trend from the. The brand Amor I presented here (free of charge) times closer Lux you: Armor Lux is colourful! Already look forward to come again in this store in the autumn. I have shorts of BON to the Navy shirt’ Bon’a PARTE, leggings from Falke, ankle boots by Duo boots and a leather strap by sence Copenhagen combined. It makes a leisurely Saturday look where I spontaneously visited an Inlinehockeyspiel with us in the district last weekend. Afterwards I’ve recovered me in the garden a bit.

Here you can find men’s look with striped shirt for inspiration: Mensshirtsshop.

How is her ringlets and marine look?