Makeup Tips Long Eyelashes

Highlight the lashes and a benefit from an aesthetic point of view: the eyelashes are very expressive, too, with winks they can convey many messages of coquetry. The lashes are thick, shiny and perfect curves, long ones. Through a meticulous care we can have lashes like this:

In the evening you will use a special makeup remover for eyes; it cleans well mascara which stays on the eyelashes.
The shortening of the Cilia in the spring, stimulates regeneration, growth and thickening of them. You cut perpendicularly on the cutting pello, at most 45 days and approximately .5 mm lashes will spectacularly. At this time should not be spent using a balm.
Lashes can be highlighted through the solid or the trick (the most frequent) with mascara-this product is for single use, superior quality and not expired.

You can highlight the iris of the eyes using colored mascara; Blue and light blue enhance the beauty and warmth of brown eyes, violet and aubergine color highlight green eyes and the shade of Brown – the eyes of heaven. A woman who uses the coloured mascara knows that you can express through the colours and shows personality and aesthetic sense.
To get the lashes curve there are two methods, the most frequent: a special instrument, which is to buy, a type of press small, curving lashes through pressure and-simpler, using a mascara created especially to attract the lashes curve.
In situations where a spectacular makeup false eyelashes (read more on, we recommend only using some special adhesives and fresh; otherwise the natural lashes have to suffer.