Make Your Own Pillowcases

A Design for the Weekend: Make Your Pillowcases 180 Yarn 100% Cotton! For those who have a machine, it’s vapt vupt, for those who do not…it disturbs the husband a little to win one! Hehe.

I needed new pillowcases, wanted to buy loose, but the cotton ones were cute and the other cheaper, it was not 100% cotton, it had mixed polyester, and it does not leave the yummy fabric with a soft touch.

I decided to buy the cotton fabric and make the pillowcases. I bought the 180-thread percale, it is suitable for making sheets, it is 2.5m wide. The subway cost 11.90 and could make two pillowcases, so each one went for 5.95!

The other one that is not 100% cotton cost 4.00 each!

I also bought another 2.20m and made a super queen size sheet ! A giant sheet and two 100% cotton pillowcases with the super soft 180 thread weave came out by 38.00! The sheet was just hemming.

Facinho, right?

You must be wondering: Ue, red wall in the bedroom, blue bedspread, stamped pillowcase…It does not fit!
Well, it does not even match, but this is a long story, just advance that nothing is as before in my room…But it is subject for a post that I have neither prediction. It’s just to know that I’m not crazy. (Just a little bit), hehe.

My dear ones, you are a sweetheart! Thank you for the amount of affection you give me! Really like! As far as possible I will answer the messages.

A great weekend!