Maglite Rechargeable Halogen Flashlight

A mag-lite at half price. As said in the title, I bought this mag-lite at half the market price, which is there to be happy about, I also upgraded with the led lamp (which costs more than the torch: -() thus reducing consumption and increasing the lumens.

Practical, sturdy but not comparable to earlier “led”. I bought this torch enticed by price (on average 50% less), because of its compact size as it uses “c” batteries, but especially for the great quality of the product. To carry this torch to the levels of the other versions that use “d” batteries led bulb, no doubt more performing and heavy, we recommend upgrading to the led bulb to increase the light output. In any case a recommended buy for anyone looking for a flashlight with characteristics of great importance.

I have already an old Maglite 2d and then when I saw this at this price I couldn’t make me escape Besides this template strikes me as the perfect compromise between quality and size being less “muscular” sister not to mention that you can easily make a network led by one of the many upgrade kits that increase the brightness. No mention of the robustness of the torch because it seems superfluous. Shipping amazon fast. Tested the brightness which obviously isn’t led but it is more like what a good for normal use plus as all maglite of this size also has a spare bulb in the stem. In conclusion a product certainly recommended.

Commentaires des acheteurs

“Practice, strong but not comparable to earlier “LED”, A Mag-lite at half price, Maglite MAG-LITE halogen, 2 c Quality”

From our House, lights on the opposite Hill, about 150-200 metres as the Crow. In the night sky beam projects a visible beam adjustment head turning from more concentrated and more extended and body has a unique strength. The batteries last much, unlike the older models not halogens. I recommend though, when the beam begins to set do not brood, replace the pileciao.

8.94 In. High strength aluminum alloy Cases in black. It has two high intensity White Star Krypton gas lamps for advanced Billianc4e and extended range for the lamp life of 36 hours Continuous peak beam Candlepower 10 k battery life of 5 hours. Takes 2-C alkaline batteries. Weighs 15.70 grams with battery.

My husband uses the lamp to work and is satisfied with pazzasca light says it does, is very useful. Mag-Lite S2C016 2 c-Cell Flashlight halogen 22.5 cm, colour: black buy.

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