Lou Night Light

When I was looking for the son of light into the room and reading, at first glance, impressed me Sovička LOU from the Dutch firm Zazu. Two connected while “individual” with light intensity control, activation sound when the weeping and the design of an owl sitting inside of hollow tree, it called itself a test! And as for us owlet passed?

Two In One-Appearance

Owl sitting inside the ring is actually two lights that can be switched together or individually. The ring is designed to illuminate the room, owl provides a less intensive orientation lighting. On the front panel there are three buttons-one for the owl, another for middle and ring for both.

The ring can be turned off by pressing the classics, but if when you turn holding the button for 2 seconds, the mode is activated when the ring off automatically after 30 minutes. It works with owls, with the difference that this will turn itself off after an hour.

Rear can be mechanically (shift from side to side) change the intensity of both light and there is a button to turn the sound sensor that responds to cry (lights owl). Light owl weeping activated for 5 minutes.

Zazu Sovička LOU is available in three colors-blue for boys, pink for girls and neutral gray. Works on AC adapter (standard cable) or 3 x AA batteries.

Attention, Not Toys

Light is son (2.5 years) loved mightily, but the manufacturer probably knows why it is not intended for children under three years. First, what’s son thought was to try to free the owl out of the ring, which is not the happiest idea. Parental guidance will need some time.

Since the birth of son used to sleep in the dark, Zazu owl LOU we used mainly in the evening before saving it to bed. Our idea that we read to her, but unfortunately she took for her-as we discovered lighting by their nature can replace traditional lamp.


Definitely I have to pick up cute design. What impressed me is that the light is really light and because it can be powered by batteries, it can transmit the baby and have it where you need it – in bed, the child inside the house or in a secret hideout. Great is also a lot of functions (activation when a child crying, the ability to change light intensity…).


The biggest negative for us is that reading is not enough light rings, respectively. missing light beam from a conventional lamp, so when you read only individual working with lighting small pieces of text.

To Cut A Long Story Short

If your mrňousek badly falls asleep or wakes up in the night with proper night lights (from http://www.toughestflashlights.com/2017/01/pabobo-super-nomade-night-light/), the owl ideal bodyguard, who will not leave him in the dark. Likewise, it may be in my opinion a great handheld light source for older children when they wake up in the night and need to go drink, use the bathroom (or just be a switch). If you are looking primarily for light reading, but after I reached the classic fixture.