Lightweight Portable Fan for Home Use

Portable model is available in three versions. Learn what they are.

There are handsets with great cost-benefit ratio and with sufficient power to relieve the heat wave. You can find some advantages that make the portable fan to be on the list of consumer preferences. Also, it is practical and enables the air flow directed to where you want and can be transported to any room in the home or even while traveling.

Suitable for medium or small environments, a maximum of 12 m² has reduced power consumption compared with other cooling products.

The table must be used in places which do not require intensive ventilation. The column design provides a better distribution of wind by having a longer stem which allows height adjustment. There is also the tower equipment, which are with the modern designs and quieter.

Before purchasing, consider the environment where the product will be used, since the power and speed can vary according to that information. If the room is a little wider, a product with more power will be needed. Already in the rooms, especially in the pile, it is better to opt for a product mildest power.

The fan blades are responsible for determining the venting capacity: the more propellers, the better the system performances.

Care in the use and cleaning

Being a less robust product when compared to other fan models, the portable version requires some care. Let him always away from curtains to avoid the risk of the tissue is sucked into the device. If you have children and pets at home, remember to leave the equipment out of reach, since any carelessness can result in domestic accidents.

Regarding cleaning instructions, it is essential that it should be done whenever you notice dust accumulation. A maintenance day means clean air and increased equipment life. During the summer, fortnightly disassemble your blower and clean the blades and louvers with a damp cloth.

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