LG UX 4.0 Interface Shows Some News of the New V10 +

Through the official channel LG Mobile Global, House South Korean showed some small innovations of the new proprietary interface UX 4.0 +, improved in several respects at the launch of the new LG V10 .

The first part of the movie is devoted to a woman who works in the fashion industry and the interaction between applications, appointments and double the secondary display. The new UX 4.0 + designed by LG improves managing appointments and contacts thanks to the mini icons at the top of the second display, helping the heroine to more efficiently manage their own list of things to do.

The second part of the clip is dedicated to selfie and wide angle function, selectable with a tap from personalization dedicated to the camera. With just one touch you can change shot to your selfie, without using other menus.

Finally, the last part of the video is devoted to video and audio experience of LG’s new V10, combined with the new UX 4.0 +. The smartphone has a manual mode for video, which allowsusers to control and intervene on topics by adjusting the light intensity as well as the ability to enhance and customize your audio experience in depth.

According to LG, the changes introduced in the new UX 4.0 + will allow you to be even more flexibility in customizing your smartphone according to your needs.

LG V10 is available online from Carpentry to 389 euros or from ePRICE to 446 euros. The value for money is discreet. There are 10 best models.