Learn About The Pros And Cons Of Using The Post Partum Girdle

The item offers more security for the woman to perform everyday activities, however, did not help the abdomen back au naturel more quickly

The post partum belt is one of the items that is usually present in the list of items that the woman take to motherhood. The function of this strap is in providing more comfort on post partum recovery. “Help in the reduction of swelling and provides comfort and safety for women, especially in the cases post cesarean section, making them more comfortable to walk and perform other daily activities,” explains the physiotherapist Mayra Padua Gatti.

The use of the belt despite the benefits, however, is not mandatory for health and should be every woman’s choice together with medical advice, analyzing the pros and cons. “There are controversies about your use, some doctors forbid, because they believe that the strap ends up playing the role of the muscles, preventing even return to your normal state,” said physiotherapist.

Among the benefits cited about the use of post partum belt, some people might say that the use helps the body to get back to your normal state, as it compresses the abdomen. However, it is a myth, no strap assists or accelerates the process. The physical therapist clarifies: “the use of the belt doesn’t make the abdomen back as before, this is natural and physiological process of each organism.

Why Use Or Not Use The Post Partum Girdle?

As already said, the use of post partum belt is not required for health and has advantages and disadvantages. To make the choice between using or no strap, you must, together with help and professional guidance, review the good and bad points of this item. See below for a list of the pros and cons of post partum belt:


More security to perform everyday tasks, especially post cesarean section;

Supports to keep the spine erect;

Help the emotional, as you can feel safer to get around and perform other tasks during the post partum;

Provides the momentary reduction effect of the abdomen.


Straps too tight can bring circulation problems;

Not help bring the abdomen back to normal and some professionals to believe that makes the opposite effect;

Can hinder healing of Cesarean section, since it prevents ventilation;

How And When To Use The Strap

Post partum strap can be used immediately after natural childbirth or caesarean section. The ideal is to be used throughout the day and night, even to sleep. The period of use may vary between a minimum of 1 month after delivery and maximum 3 months.

It is important to remember, however, that the manner and the time that each woman will use the strap may vary according to each case and a medical advice is needed. The speaking time per day can also be different, some women may feel very uncomfortable when using the strap for sleep, for example.

Where To Find

When thinking about purchasing your post partum belt is crucial to know which model best suited for you and the size. The ideal strap model for you is the one that more comfort, security and suit your needs. For those with thicker thighs, a girdle with legs can be more interesting, however, if the weather is too hot, this template can cause uncomfortable.

It mainly in the variables: comfort, and especially biotype practicality. Strap models with intimate openings, for example, can bring more comfort. As for size, it is ideal to watch your steps and check along with the measures offered by the brands, since it may vary in each.

Always remember that the post partum belt should not bother you, squeeze or compress any part of the body, your primary function is to bring more comfort and ease some post partum problems. It is also important that the strap cover the entire abdomen.

To acquire your post partum belt it is possible to buy on sites. Below are some online stores that have that item:


Maternity shopping

Yoga Online

Center Braces

Statement On The Use Of The Strap

If you are still in doubt about the use of the strap, it is important to hear a medical opinion without doubt. Some accounts who experienced the use or not, can also help you clarify doubts. Check out a report on the use of post partum belt:

I used the strap postpartum during 40 days after the c-section. My doctor at the time said it would be important to use to give more security movements. I recommend using soon after leaving the hospital because it provides some security especially to who did a c-section due to cutting and belly bloating. The use of the strap eases some pain and discomfort. (Mary Simoni)

To decide if you should use or not post partum strap is interesting to have a medical opinion, talk with other moms and also analyze the pros and cons. Recalling that the use of this item is not required for health, so the final decision always to your wishes and individual requirements.