Latest Fashion Bag Trends

12 March 2014 business young, new labels hide behind those ambitious makers: VOGUE presents the five most exciting discoveries

Latest Fashion Bag Trends

Philipp Bree From Hanover, PB 0110

25 years ago, my father gave me a travel bag made from natural leather, which I carry to this day. I appreciate it if there’s things that grow one to the heart, join us over the years and one day might become a beloved object. That’s why I founded my own label. We use only materials from Europe, which become more beautiful with time like for example vegetable-tanned leather from Belgium or fittings 100% brass from Tuscany. The idea that our bags in the closet for two years can disappear and if they again come to light, the same pleasure inspired me. We work with designers such as Christine Ahrens, Ayzit Bostan and Christian Metzner so far. After less than a year since we are in the range of Selfridges in London, the broken arm in Paris, off & co and Schwittenberg in Munich, the listener in Frankfurt, Galeries Lafayette in Beijing, Tomorrowland in Tokyo as well as IT in Hong Kong. Website:

Valerie Sietzy From Frankfurt, Early

By chance, I discovered the factory for leather goods in my neighborhood. There, I found a wonderful treasure of vintage leathers, who was unused and began to process it. After a passion developed his own collection from this for the material as well as the trade and at the end. After graduating as a designer and a very free, artistic studies, the label offered the opportunity, different things, I like that and find it important, to combine. About the joy of the design and to produce something according to ethical and ecological criteria themselves, as well as to cooperate with friends. We are trying to make as many good choices as possible in the entire process of our work. The value which is thus in its products, is complemented by clear design and high-class workmanship. The final product to convince but with the look and its beauty, because we see a great need for convincing design in the area of “Eco Chic”. Website:

Tsatsas From Frankfurt, Esther Schulze Tsatsas And Dimitrios Tsatsas

We’re less about a certain person who wears a TSATSAS bag than to the product itself. Function, to bring aesthetics and execution in a perfect balance, is for us always in the foreground. Whether the user is male or female, he has old and where he lives, is irrelevant in the design process for us first. And in the end we design for ourselves – it would be inconceivable for us to make a product, would we not stand behind the and that we don’t even like to wear. Our wish for the future: getting sufficient time to have – time to design, time to work out and time to mature about things. Website:

TL-180 From New York / Paris / Rome, Luisa Orsini And Antonine (Tine) Peduzzi

The moment at which we first dancing met at a party in Rome, is actually the birth of our label. Although we at that time not yet had, started working on it, it was love at first sight. We hit it off right away and see the world with the same eyes blind, and have since then been inseparable. One afternoon we visited an exhibition of works by Anselm Kiefer and spent the rest of the day so to paint and fold the screens. Our first clutch was created. One thing was the next and before we knew it, we were in Paris, to design our first complete collection of vintage bags, which was inspired by the work of jaw and his way of working.

Mansur Gavriel From New York, Rachel Mansur And Floriana Gavriel

Officially, there is our label for 2012 in New York, where we both moved from Los Angeles and Berlin.Since June, 2013, we supply stores, including net-à-Porter. The German market is important for us, the European customer usually understands elegance and has a high claim to quality, two essential characteristics of our brand. This spring, we will be present at Andreas Murkudis in Berlin, which makes us very happy.For the coming seasons, we put our focus to add more materials and new product categories. We adhere to but our enthusiasm, that a woman can wear everyday our product, not only for special events.