Jolla-Tablet Mit Sailfish-OS

The tablet Jolla with Sailfish OS has got a good success during his Indiegogo fundraising campaign, and now we try again with a revised version in hardware.

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Were indeed added new financing options, we go now to see:

  • Jolla Tablet 32 GB: $219
  • Jolla Tablet 64 GB: $249
  • 64 GB upgrade for previous financers: $25
  • Shipping: $20
  • Combo: 32 GB Tablet & Phone: 419 $
  • Combo: 64 GB Tablet & Phone: $449

As you see the first time buyers have not been abandoned, and can update their memory at a cost of $25. Besides this was increased battery capacity for everyone: from 4,450 4,300 mAh mAh. Also it is worth noting that the memory is expandable with microSD (up to 128 GB).

To participate (again) to the fundraising campaign, you do nothing but make your way on Indiegogo.