Jewelry Expo Japan

This weekend, Chacha, Fab and myself went out and about at the Japan Expo. A tour that opened my eyes to the fact that I had become old (average age 15 years), I was a nerdy and sad look at possible (!) and that it was time that I buy a Wii (to finally realize my american dream: be a cheerleader!). I took the opportunity to shoppinguer with impunity and bring back some good addresses to remember. Creative favorites of the Japan Expo:

The small Lily: Lily must love chocolate at least as much as me to be able to create as realistic as you jewels. It’s simply amazing, missing only the smell to its macaroons, cookies and donuts – but even without it I had only one desire: crunch them. Chocolates, candy and cakes perfectly imitated for appetizing maternity jewelry (try Yum-yum! His site here.

I want the same: A name well found since that’s exactly what I thought by discovering the booth of Anne-Laure, creative of the brand, so nice that talented. She tinkering, she assembles a small knot by, small beads by here and the magic. For my part, necklace My Melody and Clown of the Empire adopted! Funny jewelry, Yes, but not only: always a little more feminine and flirtatious, attention to detail requires! His site.

Sour jewelry: Big favorite for this brand that offers jewelry in all styles (fruit, kawaii, pin up, retro,…) and does not hesitate to approach different subjects (fimo, crochet, beads of Swarovski Crystal, metal, or pure plastic). Point barrier, limit point, the regressive alongside the more chic for tiny prices. The site here.

Sweet Dynamite: I had met Amélie a few years of it on the show Who’s Next and since I can’t stop her again, she or her creations. Charming little ghosts, nice jellyfish, flying ice, or eggs, his characters are declined in saltire, headband or brooch, choice. Special mention for the latest collection ‘Video Game’: of lovely reproductions of Game Boy very girly, who wake up without any harm the geek which is in me. Its site (under construction).

See also:

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